In zhejiang province 'medical proof fusion' agreement helped improve cancer survival rates for five years

by:Celecare     2020-06-29
On August 22, 21, university hospital, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China ( Zhejiang province tumor hospital) Signed with zhejiang province center for disease control and prevention medical integration strategic cooperation framework agreement, gradually promote the clinical diagnosis, treatment means, the masses can be acceptable, the government can afford the rising cancer screening measures for public health policy. Cohesion to create medical fusion of tumor prevention and control of zhejiang mode, helping improve cancer 5-year survival rate of zhejiang province. Under the agreement, the two units will give full play to the resource advantage, close and sincere cooperation, achieve new breakthroughs in tumor prevention and treatment of field medical proof fusion. Under the leadership of the two sides will in zhejiang province health committee, build perfect collaboration, complementary advantages and sharing information fusion work of medical prevention mechanism, promote the development of integration of tumor prevention and treatment, pipe; To formulate implementation of cancer prevention and control planning in zhejiang province and the organization to carry out diagnosis and treatment of clinical oncology, the preventive services skills training and guidance, perfect the cancer screening effect evaluation, etc. In addition, the two sides will jointly promote the tumor registration work in zhejiang province, explore the tumor registration follow-up data and information fusion, clinical diagnosis and treatment for data connectivity, resource sharing, formed from tumor onset to death the whole cycle of tumor precise registration and follow-up with survival. The tumor affiliated hospital of university, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang province tumor hospital) Secretary of the party committee in he said the cooperation is an example of the development of the medical proof fusion in zhejiang province. Prevention is a common responsibility of the whole system, the whole society; Hospital also is not only the duty of a doctor, to do the medical prevention and cure the fusion.
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