In the next few years China hospital beds or excess will seriously!

by:Celecare     2020-07-05
In 400000 zhang! Beds or excess era latest 2019 China health statistics yearbook shows that at the end of 2018 beds, 840 medical institutions in China. 40000 pieces, including hospitals, 6. 52 million beds. According to statistics, in the decade since 2009, the Chinese hospital beds from 2. 88 million pieces at the end of 2008 to 6. 52 million, 36 new hospital beds per year on average. 40000 pieces, 2018 hospital new 400000 beds, therefore, have no obvious slowdown trend. Read this, recently, weibo is called the father of investors expressed the hospital beds for China in the future there will be a serious surplus of worry, medical users attention. So, what factors or excess will exacerbate beds phenomenon to appear? 'Look at those' to bring you exclusive inventory. Heart stents into the daytime! Technological progress adding excess surplus about intensifying bed factors, investors thought the father said, first of all, the progress of medical technology, lead to reduced demand for hospitalization days. According to the example, in the United States, now a significant proportion of heart stent implants into outpatient surgery ( Daytime) Surgery, patients need to observe for hours, without hospitalization. The heart medicine experts, acquisitive heart doctor group founder in acquisitive to 'look at those confirmed Dr Read the father. Famous anesthesia specialists WenDaXiang was a personal friend of example: Washington university affiliated hospital Barnes jewish hospital, a 92 - year - old patient underwent hip replacement surgery in the morning and in the afternoon, and surgical anaesthesia qian-jin liu professor doctor after assessment, inform the patient can be discharged at night, and the hospital nearly 70% of patients with hip replacement surgery can be in the hospital surgery on the same day or the next day! And the same operation, before in the average hospitalization days of patients with tertiary hospitals in Shanghai how long? 12 days! But soon, and hip replacement surgery in the era of China operation in the daytime mode, whether Shanghai medical highlands, or some third-tier hospitals, all began to explore on the day of surgery, on the day of discharge. The other according to doctors known vascular surgery expert zhang qiang, 70% of America's surgery is done ambulatory surgery, the doctor zhang qiang group vascular surgical team is taken in respect of varicose veins surgery ambulatory surgery. Also pushing for ambulatory surgery of the medical maternity xiao-ming gong, founder of the famous doctor group has said the doctor, he studied at the Cleveland clinic in Florida, found that there was no maternity ward, a large number of gynecological surgery is daytime, only a handful of cesarean section in general wards in the hospital for several days. Xiao-ming gong said, ambulatory surgery is the recent state in the promotion of a kind of medical model, his team have been able to accomplish most of malignant patients of department of gynaecology surgery by endoscopy and Yin type to complete the surgery, most patients can be discharged in 24 hours. Xiao-ming gong, therefore, suggest a new hospital not excessive increase the size of the room, should consider to reduce the ward area, and the future of the construction of the hospital need is ambulatory surgery center, the core is to preoperative preparation and postoperative recovery area expansion, should put a level with the operating room. Health bureau, the unreasonable use of bed time to end! Worry about investors read the father, sina weibo leading doctors blogger digestive department stubborn old man said, if many disease outpatient and hospitalization insurance reimbursement, so domestic sickbed vacancy rates will be very amazing. According to it, one day, the morning ward round 15 beds, lived for more than half of the gastrointestinal tract polyp patients. Just because in the hospital can submit an expense account, such as long as do now occupy beds on clinic, and those who really need complex cases can only stay in the emergency department in hospital. He also jokingly said that cultivates his doctor rotary residency rules the attending physician is easy, because don't need to think we have learned, for a long time, the health care reimbursement mechanism in some ways, inspired hospitalization behavior, some diseases for outpatient surgery do not submit an expense account, can only choose in the hospital, some hospitals in order to show the medical insurance funds, even to such as hanging bed insurance fraud behavior, this in the past a lot of health care in the penalty notification. All this, as the national health insurance bureau was founded in early 2018, are in upheaval. The personage inside course of study says, as the national health insurance bureau for insurance fraud behavior, such as hanging bed many cancellation insurance fixed point hospital directly, some on the bed, induced excessive hospitalization hospital, bed or will have fallen sharply, even forced to close. Not only that, but it is understood that the macro-reforms is becoming the trend of The Times, in the future health bureau under the auspices of, many originally can be implemented in outpatient service, the day of surgery will be in proportion to medicare reimbursement, the resulting excess beds is significant.
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