In qinghai province and the country's 20000 hospitals achieve inter-provincial long-distance medical settlement directly

by:Celecare     2020-06-08
On December 5, the reporter learns from medical insurance bureau of qinghai province, qinghai has more than 20000 and the country 30 provinces across the province hospital medical institutions directly settlement, will be 1087 hospitals in the province into the different ground settlement network, great convenience to join the masses across the province long-distance medical needs. Have a long distance across the province referral, emergency needs, and long-term population in qinghai provincial live in ginseng, after registration, the orgnaization of the relevant departments for the record can be a social security card in the fujian association of foreign languages and the medical establishment that decide a dot directly go to a doctor, don't have to return to reimburse medical ginseng. By the end of October, inter-provincial long-distance medical settlement services. 2. 40000, 62 year-on-year growth. 81%, the medical insurance fund pays 3. 3. 5 billion yuan, rose 60. 19%. Qinghai province health bureau set up over the past year, the organization to carry out the long-distance medical billing cross check in the province, further standardize the long-distance medical operation process. At the same time, simplify the long-distance medical formalities and workflow, to green jobs for migrant workers, business personnel, relocated from retiree, patients with severe acute open long-distance medical green channel. In addition, the qinghai also with Shanghai, Beijing and other places to carry out cooperation, actively build health cooperation mechanisms, further optimize the long-distance medical service. The relevant person in charge of qinghai province health bureau, said the next step will continue to pay special attention to the health care of poverty alleviation work, ensure the document tent card poor in health care, 100% 100% enjoy medical insurance policy, hospitalization expenses proportion reached 90%.
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