Guizhou county health comprehensively promote community building

by:Celecare     2020-05-15
On August 19, the guizhou province health committee and administration of traditional Chinese medicine recently issued by the county health community construction and development of the comprehensive advance of close implementation opinion ', clear county health will optimize the allocation of resources, reform the county medical institutions management system; By 2020, the province all county ( City, dc) Public medical and health institutions and grass-roots health institutions include all close county health community, strive to grassroots health institutions JiuZhenLv reached 65%, within the county JiuZhenLv reached 90%. 'Opinion' is put forward, and optimize the county medical and health resources. Each county (integration of county and township government medical and health resources, City, dc) Combined with the actual formation of 1 ~ 3 to a county level public medical institution and several other medical and health institutions at the county level and in towns and townships ( Including government community health service center) For the member unit of the medical body, realize the medical, administrative, personnel, finance, business, YaoXie unified management and performance. Perfect rural integration management, the village clinic ( Community health service stations) Into medical management, total body as their representative business offices, in towns and townships, administrative, personnel, finance, business, YaoXie, performance management as the main content integration. 'Opinions' clear, the management system reform of the county medical institutions. To strengthen the party's construction, the full implementation of President responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee. Unified administrative management, establish medical total body management committee at the county level, setting up medical council. Unified management, unified deployment of medical body of medical resources, basic medical treatment of grassroots medical institutions and the unified management of basic public health service work. Prepare the records reforms in personnel management, post management system reform. Member of unified financial management, the medical body financial set up separate accounts, unified management, centralized accounting, as a whole. YaoXie unified management, to promote the drug consumables unified management, unified drug supply catalogue and bargaining, unified purchase, unified distribution, unified payment. Unified performance evaluation, according to the two allowed, reasonable compensation to improve medical and health personnel, medical personnel income distribution by medical total body autonomy. 'Opinions' requirement, through setting up the medical resources and service mechanism. To establish and perfect the medical personnel in the body, the mechanism of rotating regularly total form rural county level 3 personnel collaboration family doctor service team, to strengthen the public health service, realize the medical integration, promote the remote medical service system in the longitudinal to the village, promote the reform of medical insurance payment system, improve the medical service price dynamic adjustment mechanism.
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