Guangxi to promote health poverty alleviation over millions of poor patients for medical services

by:Celecare     2020-06-22
On November 19, reporters from the 18th health poverty alleviation work in guangxi news conference, so far, 112 in guangxi. 130000 poor patients receive medical services, the total cure rate of 96%, among them, the cumulative treatment for serious illness patient 5. 910000 people. The relevant person in charge of health committee said the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, guangxi for outpatient treatment of special patients with chronic poverty to enjoy after filing system. At present, the whole autonomous region by inputting tent card poverty for outpatient special card number of 45 chronic diseases. 070000 people, effectively reduce the burden of the poor medical treatment. According to introducing, the autonomous region of various counties ( City, area) More than 1 and 2 are public hospitals ( Including the hospital) Are 1, each township public health hospital, each administrative village have a village clinics. Through recruitment, higher medical institutions doctor visits stationed, the combination of the whole autonomous region has been basically achieved all administrative village clinic have qualified rural doctors to provide basic medical and health services. In addition, guangxi 74 tertiary public medical institutions and 277 secondary couplet of public medical institutions involved in the medical building, and extends to the towns and townships. Guangxi formed couplet of medical 141 ( Close the 43) , urban medical group nine, college league 159, county hospital, a total of 354 body, cover all key national poverty alleviation and development work, 69 towns and townships participation. 19%.
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