Guangdong province: 54 top public hospitals will 'help' to strengthen the construction of the county medical total body

by:Celecare     2020-05-11
On October 18 October 16, to strengthen the construction of the county of guangdong province medical, valuing the general office of the guangdong people's government issued the strengthening of close county of guangdong province health community construction implementation plan '. 'The plan' pointed out that guangdong province will be organized 54 third rate 78 county-level public hospitals, public hospitals group aid over the next three years at the same time it also puts forward the guangdong grassroots health personnel incremental implementation plan, to establish a health as the center, the combination of prevention and control of new county county-rural tertiary integrated health service system, effectively solve the problem of difficulty and high cost of the crowd to see a doctor. In particular, the support time is 3 years. 54 top public hospitals, there are 37 will focus on helping 57 county people's hospital, 17 will focus on helping 21 county hospital. The distribution of 78 public hospitals at the county level for: shaoguan city 10, heyuan city, eight, eight zhanjiang eight, meizhou city, zhaoqing city eight 7, jiangmen, qingyuan city, five, six, shanwei cities four huizhou, maoming city of yangjiang three, three, jieyang three 1, three yunfu, chaozhou, shantou one. In the process of helping, 3 armour hospital will mainly from the talent team construction, medical service ability, hospital management level, provide support for the county-level hospitals informatization construction, etc. In terms of talent team construction, support of 3 armour hospital group based in the recipient to the hospital, to participate in the hospital management and discipline construction. At the same time, 3 armour hospital will regularly send the specialist to recipient hospital to carry out the technology of flexible support. For the frequency of the support, 'the plan' rigid request every 3 armour hospital selected each year not less than 4 batches, the total number of not less than 20 people. In medical service ability construction, next, the support of 3 armour hospital will determine recipient hospital two or three vulnerable college key construction, improve recipient hospital readiness of incurable diseases. In addition, the project will also introduce and promote appropriate technology, promotes gradually, interventional therapy and minimally invasive endoscopy technology, constantly improve the technology and clinical use. In hospital management and information construction, the support of 3 armour hospital helping county-level hospitals establish and improve the information system on the one hand, to realize information connectivity; On the other hand will perfect the function of remote medical system, enlarge the coverage of the remote system, promote the hospital information system between unicom, data sharing and business collaboration. Besides organization public 3 armour hospital for help, the guangdong people's government has also formulated the future three years at the grass-roots level health personnel incremental implementation plan, improving the service level of the primary physicians. Put forward the plan, will expand the scale of medical students in guangdong province, encourage college offers nursing, midwifery, rehabilitation professional at the same time, will also expand the scale of order directional cultivation of medical students. Since 2020, the directional medical students enrollment will amount to 2000 people a year. In addition, will also improve primary health personnel training quality in guangdong province, in east guangdong province north guangdong each prefecture level to set up a grassroots health workers training base, the grassroots health workers to carry out the standardization, standardization, field strong professional skills training and evaluation. To 2020, the appropriate technology for each year of not less than 100, guangdong province, spread all over the county, targeted training personnel at the grass-roots level to master relevant technology, implement related diseases in the county in the standardization of diagnosis and treatment. According to plan, by 2022, the goal is to achieve the province of guangdong province all county ( City, area) County medical body full coverage, medical JiuZhenLv within the county a total body is about 90%, hospitalization rate of about 85%, grassroots JiuZhenLv around 65%. Talent construction in, through the recruitment, the introduction of various measures, such as guangdong province's goal is to the original 100000 grassroots medical personnel number increased to 130000 people, training general practitioners number up to 10000 people, basically solve the problem of insufficient medical personnel at the grass-roots level.
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