Guangdong basic public health plan divided into 12 classes to 29 classes

by:Celecare     2020-05-20
October 30, 2019, the basic public health 19 new items, originally for 12 categories of public health service project, the new partition plan, is closely related to everyone in the future work. Released recently, the guangdong province WeiJianWei 'guangdong province 2019 annual national basic public health services project implementation plan, Hereinafter referred to as the 'scheme') 。 The guangdong province according to the national basic public health services for 2019 project work instructions on the public health service project. Health into 12 categories of 29 class originally the national basic public health service project content: the residents' health records, health education, prevention and vaccination, child health, maternal health management, the elderly health management, chronic disease, such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes health management, management of patients with severe mental disorders, pulmonary tuberculosis patients' health management, health management of traditional Chinese medicine, infectious diseases and public health emergencies reporting and handling, such as health supervision assisting 12 class project. In 2017, the state will provide free contraceptives and promote two health literacy in the public health service projects, since then, the basic public health services to 14 classes, plus new this year 19 segment content, according to the 'plan' of guangdong province, the new public health content changed from 12 class to class 29. 2019 national basic public health services project content and 'solutions' in the village doctor work arrangement and performance evaluation of public health has also carried on the new regulation. To establish the basic public health service commitment system village health posts to assume content for village-level public health, 'the plan' puts forward, on the basis of certain allowances, and gradually establish a basic public health service commitment system, village health posts by rural doctors according to their own actual, can undertake the commitment to complete the project tasks, in towns and townships monthly/quarterly quantity of rural doctors to complete task and quality acceptance and issue the corresponding grants. According to the requirements, the village doctor of public health to undertake tasks from passive to active, village doctor can according to their own bear ability, firm commitment can complete health mission, that is how much we can do do, thus avoiding a village doctor health burden to accomplish missions. In addition, the scheme also provides, in accordance with the local town or village two levels of grassroots medical institutions of town and village division of duties service ability, gradually increase to the proportion of village health posts, undertake the task of basic public health services, basic public health services provided by the rural doctors, according to the approved quota and the assessment results from relevant subsidy funds in a timely manner. Around to basic public health service projects included in the basic medical and health institutions, head of the annual performance appraisal scope. The guangdong province to the division of the new public health services and arrangement, also provides a reference for other place, new content is more, the new public health program at all levels need to be more scientific and rational allocation and management, the performance also needs humane treatment allocation, work more, best's best, can better stimulate the enthusiasm of the public health service personnel.
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