Guangdong 14% discharged patients 'after Yang' guangdong CDC: temporarily not found continue to spread

by:Celecare     2020-06-23
Guangdong Song Tie 25, deputy director of the center for disease control and prevention, said guangdong 14% discharged patients after Yang, but did not continue to infect others; Has started for sampling monitoring of all hospital patients. Guangzhou eighth people's hospital infection disease center intensive intensive care ward says Li Yueping, director of the hospital in case of follow-up, patients found after Yang is 13 people, about 104? 吗? Close contacts, now it is negative. And in these patients, no symptoms aggravate the situation again. Li Yueping said that although the cases tested positive for, but it's hard to distinguish from the technology is alive or dead viruses. From the point of view of curative effect, close contacts test was negative. Therefore, for the control of the virus, now? 吗? Or a certain way. Song Tie said, if it's positive patients, affirmation is the source of infection, in terms of the prevention and control will be managed according to the source of infection. So we are in the early, actually has some cities and hospital staff, after monitoring found that positive, we are told to take strict focus medical observation, independent, observing whether their condition is happen again and again. Song Tie said, pneumonia is a protracted longer disease, may have two or three months to restore, some old people or some body is poorer, pneumonia recovery is relatively slow, we observed the new crown pneumonia may also appear similar situation. From the point of our current situation, the most people is their lung inflammation is in the process of absorption, also not be achieved clinical cure. Because of this kind of circumstance, we judge it will intermittently detoxification. Song Tie, according to the measures by focusing on our observation, found no one to become the second generation, or become a potential infection.
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