Grassroots health reform direction of the three is the future trend

by:Celecare     2020-07-09
On April 30, set up in towns and townships of pool, relaxing village doctor admittance threshold, rural integrated management, the three directions on behalf of the overall trend of primary care in the future. 27, regarding luan in anhui province political consultative conference website issued a 'Suggestions on strengthening the rural health service ability, in the aspect of strengthening construction of the contingent of rural medical general 3 Suggestions were put forward, namely, to establish towns and townships of pool, relaxing village doctor recruitment conditions, in order to strengthen the management of the integration of rural medical institutions, etc. Comb through the rest of the country in recent years at the grassroots health reform exploration and innovation, it can be seen that the three direction to some extent represents the overall trend of most areas in the field of rural health, has a strong representative, is out to discuss with you. Set up in towns and townships to compile flow pool, revitalize the talent resources according to the doctors commune in towns and townships concept of pool, is the first in March 2017, the anhui province five departments jointly issued by the innovation management to establish public hospital establishment flow pool pilot scheme 'is put forward, it is the first in the country, is of epoch-making significance. Specific operation is based on the institution construction of talent team and service ability, in the business establishment within the total regulating certain scale, establish business turnover pool, for institution of use. System, this system is also known as talent turnover pool is revitalize the grassroots medical talents, we must deepen the reform of the medical and health system of the important means, and promote the innovation in towns and townships establishment management, crack grassroots health institutions innovation talent bottleneck problem. Many areas across the country had been adjust measures to local conditions to explore the model accord with the actual situation of the local reform, such as in hunan, grass-roots units compiled in total to establish talent pool, a dynamic adjustment allows township institutions unified set, as a whole use job positions, has make the repair, the empty rate at 5%. Compiled the most direct influence turnover to primary care pool is released for lead is compiled, culture promotion should have jobs, with the autonomy reform dividend, has played a positive incentive effect, preparation of management gradually become, draw lessons from the experience of other regions and primary care need to focus on one important trend. Ease village doctor access conditions in July 2017, issued by The General Office of the State Council 'about deepening the psychiatry synergy's opinions on further promote the reform of medical education and development. Opinion pointed out: after 2020 years, gradually stop level rural medicine, Chinese medicine professional technical secondary school enrollment. The 'notice' issued, village doctor admittance threshold, set up the future also brought at present is still in the secondary vocational education in the village doctor survival crisis. According to the official, according to a set of data, a total of 2. 8 million doctors in our country, but the bachelor degree is less than fifty percent, nearly half of the doctor only tertiary, secondary, and even under high school and high school level of education. The village clinic practice ( Assistant) Nearly eight become doctor degree, the constituents of the technical secondary school degree or less. ( Image: look at those) This means that on the basis of the status quo, quickly improve village doctor degree there are some difficulties. In college students village doctor training need time cycle and long-term rooted there is resistance, lower barriers to entry, has a practical significance. Integration of rural medical institutions in 2010, the ministry of health in order to implement the 'the central committee of the communist party of the opinions of the State Council on deepening the reform of medical health system' issued relevant documents, the concept of the rural health service integration management is put forward for the first time. The provinces in the process of implementation of integrated management, and gradually explore new experiences and templates. Representative is to deal with the problem of village doctor measures of gansu, in view of the village doctor treatment made bold reforms and identity. WeiJianWei last July, gansu province issued 'about further implement village doctor duties and treatment about the policy', in line with the employment conditions of village doctor's institutes hired workers. Will provide the enterprise worker endowment insurance, and managed by towns and townships worker; 1 qualified village doctor services more than 1000 people, after the inspection to finish the task with good quality, revenue should be in 50000 yuan of above. Rural integration in improving the capacity of grassroots medical institutions service, establishment the mechanism of the linkage of the hospitals and village clinics has made significant achievements, become a kind of management mode of more to follow. Above three direction, is the important trend of the future rural health reform at the grass-roots level, being a member of the tide of reform, need to keep a keen sense of smell, follow up the pace of The Times.
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