Gansu region comprehensive reform pilot

by:Celecare     2020-05-16
On September 27, recently, the gansu province government general office printing on the guidance for the conduct of comprehensive reform pilot area ', clear in baiyin, gansu province, qingyang, liangzhou district, kongdong area, lintao, longxi county, GanGu county, zhuanglang county, the county a total of 2, 7 counties ( Area) To carry out the regional comprehensive reform pilot work. Through the pilot cities and counties ( Area) Regional comprehensive reform pilot work, strengthening the government financial input, talent introduction, the main body of innovative health care management responsibility, targeted to crack the blocking point and difficult point in comprehensive health care reform. 'Opinions' clear, the key to carry out the classification system in the pilot area, promote the innovation in medical and health service system, improve the system of drug supply security, reform and improve the comprehensive supervision system, we should establish a flexible and open with the mechanism, and strengthening the government responsibility in six aspects of work. Among them, the hierarchical diagnosis to improve the classification diagnosis and disease management, improve health care medical institutions at all levels differential pay policies, promote the reform of medical insurance payment management, implementing the agreement; Specialist from the development of close alliance, technology alliance, to promote the county medical community building, establishing health for disease control consortium, perfect rural medical institutions integration management, remote medical service, pilot operation in the daytime and other aspects of tertiary hospital, promote the innovation in medical and health service system; Explore drug concentration belt quantity procurement, the implementation of drug classification security supplies, to ensure the safety of drug use work, further improve the system of drug supply security; Reform and improve the comprehensive supervision system, mainly strengthen the regulation of the whole process of the industry, establishing information comprehensive supervision mechanism, the integrated use of public hospital performance evaluation, QianFenZhi assessment results, strengthening government planning in the industry, industry access, dominant in aspects of administrative law enforcement responsibility; Through the implementation of the autonomy of choose and employ persons, perfecting the management system, perfect talent incentive policy, reform and perfect the compensation system, reform and improve the grass-roots medical personnel evaluation mechanism, we should establish a flexible and open with the mechanism; Through the implementation of the government investment responsibility, improve the debt control mechanism, introduced the way to resolve, strengthen the government responsibility. 'Opinions' clear, the pilot cities and counties ( Area) To formulate specific implementation plan before the end of September 2019 and supporting measures, will focus on the health monitoring indicators listed in the cities and counties government annual appraisal content, timely tracking, as a whole. Since 2019, the pilot claims within two years, will oversee public hospital comprehensive reform at the provincial level relevant subsidy funds, in gansu province on the basis of regional comprehensive health care reform main monitoring index for integrated evaluation of the pilot cities and counties, work better in the comprehensive reform region to tilt. Was made to guide and coordinate the relevant departments should strengthen the pilot work. Bad for reform, the implementation of policies, cancel the pilot, and deducting the comprehensive reform subsidy funds in the next year. ( The reporter Wang Yao li Lin)
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