Gansu province WeiJianWei release family doctor signing new tasks

by:Celecare     2020-07-04
Signing on August 26, 2019, the family doctor service work and further refine assessment standards, the indicators have you reached your? WeiJianWei gansu province issued 'about further notice for signing the family doctor service work ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'notice') 。 'Notice' pointed out that the existing family doctors to sign sign service ability insufficiency, the quality is not high, therefore gansu province WeiJianWei do the tasks and planning assessment index sign for further service. A, the second half of 2019 key tasks: chronic disease of four service management contract signing the family doctor service involving women and children health care and rehabilitation services of diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, and other content, chronic disease management is a key in the key, so to speak. On the one hand, the management of chronic diseases is a long-term disease, it will be for a double burden of long-term physical and mental and economic; On the other hand, in the majority with the elderly patients, the elderly and the family doctor service the focus of the crowd. WeiJianWei requirements, gansu province, around the high blood pressure, diabetes, severe mental disorders, tuberculosis ( Hereinafter referred to as the chronic disease of four) Signing service quality as a sign for the second half of 2019 service and health management performance of the key tasks and important evaluation indexes, and standardization of diagnosis and treatment and management as in 2019 and 2020, the provincial grass-roots service ability is an important content of training. Specific work is as follows: (1) to calibrate the chronic disease of four personnel information within their respective jurisdictions, and the province's slow disease is consistent with sick personnel data information management system; (2) patients with chronic four jurisdictions of signing quantify the service task decomposition, clear grassroots medical institutions and signing team annual task, finish time limit and quality requirements, in accordance with the principle of all-in shard quantitative decomposition higher medical institutions; (3) return visit regularly, drug supervision, condition monitoring, health guidance, prevention of complications and slow disease card is dealt with work and so on, these are all signed the important indexes for evaluation of service quality assessment; (4) strengthen the slow disease prescription management. One is signing team in clinical medical institutions at or above the county level under the guidance of experts, to promote long-term prescription service, on the premise of safe, reasonable, effective, residents open for slow disease 4 - Eight weeks prescription for a long time; Second, according to the national WeiJianWei released the main chronic diseases in poor areas health education prescription, in patients with coronary heart disease, copd and other 6 kinds of chronic diseases of the poor, to do a good job of rehabilitation guidance, etc. Signing two, improve the poor quality of service, the check list before the end of October, November improvement inspection work began in August 2019, before the end of October secri introspects the rectification report submitted to the provincial health committee grassroots health, provincial health committee focuses on November to carry out the comprehensive rectification acceptance evaluation. Job requirements are as follows: (1) to major diseases of the poor people, elderly people, chronic diseases, disability and 2 or more disabled people as the focus; (2) comprehensive inspection standard drugs, medical treatment and health management, rehabilitation guidance, prevention of complications of contract to carry out the quality; (3) around the combed carefully screened not signing the poor, in addition to lost, imprisonment, death, visa and other reasons, the document under the premise of voluntary signing tent card's poor support for health, do should sign do sign; (4) one policy APP database and the provincial office of information system for data than to update every week; (5) jurisdiction signing teams to timely data searching and actively follow up service implementation, the voluntary not signed a contract, signing team to sign the book presented. Signing three, the family doctor service quality assessment indexes to evaluation methods including data review, field investigation, expert evaluation, telephone follow-up, etc. , and report last month by 10 monthly evaluation results. 1. 2 signed basic service quality assessment standards. Telephone pays a return visit, A follow-up) Survey content (1) signed a contract with the family doctor? (2) whether know the family doctor who is it? (3) the family doctor help you? (4) family doctors often come to your home or contact you? 5. Do you know sign service package should enjoy what content? 6. Do you enjoy the signing service package service? 7 you satisfied with the family doctor service? Note: each evaluation extraction by signing all should do telephone pays a return visit, Or enter a follow-up) Survey, each pay a return visit investigation should be carried out according to the result of item 7 overall comprehensive evaluation, as contract signing and implementation of the important decision basis of quality and satisfaction survey. Signing the family doctor service ability insufficiency, the quality is not high, the performance consciousness is not strong is not only the problems facing in gansu province, is also the region to deal with the difficulty is given to the family doctor to sign. The family doctor service quality evaluation index in gansu province so detailed, and is worthy of reference for the provinces to every family doctors to study earnestly implement.
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