Emergency remind: the village clinic visit big search key check 6 items

by:Celecare     2020-05-16
On April 29, a day to take site inspection guide, visit, consultation, training and other ways to carry out the village clinic visits were inspected. Key to check these with the opening up of more travel channel, combined with the entry personnel increase, epidemic prevention and control work around the input risk. Village clinics as a rural epidemic prevention and control closed loop management key link and chain epidemic prevention and control the front, follow-up supervision is now one of the main work. In this special period, how to do the epidemic prevention and control + routine practice, avoid penalty is of concern to most of the village doctor. Recently, jinan daily reporter from jinan new crown pneumonia outbreak disposal work leading group ( Headquarters) Learned that from April 22, the village clinic visits patrol launch in an all-round way. Village clinic visit, the key to check this 6 jinan to village clinic visits patrol work involved in the content is relatively comprehensive, doctors commune will focus on doing the sorting, reference for other local village clinics and introspection. 1. Temporary preview triage, daily diagnosis and treatment, basic public health services, such as signing the family doctor service work whether specification. 2. Village clinic staff basic knowledge of the new champions league pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, including the discovery and report, the epidemiological investigation of cases, referral request, hospital management and personal protection measures, etc. 3. Diagnosis and treatment area layout is reasonable, etc. 4. Village clinics was carried out on the key areas to village, entry personnel epidemiological history inquiry, collect and health monitoring, testing in patients with fuo, registration, reporting and referral. 5. To carry out the six have two specifications, the temporary preview log, epidemic report has registration, diagnosis and treatment, referral record, drug prescription and drugs have a parameter, use of antibiotics and medical waste management regulations. 6. Combined with the health poverty alleviation work, the full implementation of the poor contract services. In signing with high blood pressure, diabetes, tuberculosis, severe mental disabilities 4 diseases of the poor, to carry out the follow-up assessment, health management, timely referrals, etc. To other poor, contract by clinic or enter a way, at least once to complete the annual follow-up work face to face. Daily inspection tour, after the outbreak, incorporated in the institutes of the daily management work, jinan dispatched XunZhaZu 46, the inspection team 1005, each inspection team pack 3 to 5 village clinics. Inspection team every day to take site inspection guide, visit, consultation, training and other ways to carry out the inspection tour. After the outbreak, the team inspection work in township health centers in daily management work, continuously perfect the work mechanism, enhance the village clinic epidemic prevention and control and disposal ability. As you can see, both in terms of quantity or frequency of inspection inspectors, strength is very big. Compared with previous phase village clinic appointment supervision content, supervision focus now is not just about prevention and control work of the new champions league pneumonia, and to carry out daily diagnosis and treatment is reasonable. Village clinics have gradually return to normal work, need to adjust the state as soon as possible, epidemic prevention and control + routine diagnostic hands to grasp.
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