Ecological environment: hubei province and wuhan city medical waste disposal ability raise

by:Celecare     2020-06-14
Ecological environment on the 26th, now the national epidemic medical waste, medical waste water disposal smoothly and orderly, and wuhan city, hubei province medical waste disposal ability raise. According to introducing, the ecological environment on a daily basis for the national 31 provinces and xinjiang production and construction corps (a total of 358 city Including made counties) 481 medical waste disposal unit to monitor. Since Jan. 20, the accumulated 98508 disposal of medical wastes. 1 ton. Medical waste disposal ability to continuously improve. As of February 24, the medical waste disposal capacity of 5830. 8 tons/day, increase from January 20 emergency disposal capacity of 928 tons/day. In hubei province and wuhan city disposal ability raise, ability of hubei province reached 648. 6 tons/day, an increase of 468. 6 tons/day; Wuhan capacity of 262. 8 tons/day, an increase of 212. 8 tons/day, including the living garbage incinerator ability general medical waste handling 100 tons/day. On February 24, on the same day, collection of medical waste in hubei province. 365. 5 tons, of which the medical establishment that decide a dot the outbreak in 221 medical waste. 8 tons; Disposal of medical waste in 367. 8 tons ( Disposal of stock 2. 3 tons) 。 To collect medical waste in wuhan city, 200. 8 tons, including the 112 outbreak of the medical establishment that decide a dot medical waste. 8 tons; The actual centralized treatment of 179 in the city. 7 tons, xiangyang city and coordination 21 huangshi city. 1 ton. Medical waste water environment regulation, ecological environment, according to data by the end of February 24, the national fixed-point hospital sewage receive town sewage treatment plant, 2109. At present, 99. 2% of the fixed-point hospital built sewage treatment facilities, the remaining 21 designated hospitals to take emergency measures to deal with sewage, wastewater after disinfection standard through the municipal pipe network or closed tank into the urban sewage treatment plant. The normal operation of treatment facilities at present, and the implementation of strict disinfection measures. Ecological environment concerns chief introduction, screening found inadequate sewage treatment capacity, abnormal operation and disinfection measures not to carry out the 342 questions, the three categories, has been completed rectification.
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