Chongqing comprehensive medical consumables addition to cancel the public medical institution

by:Celecare     2020-05-12
On December 24, the reporter learns from chongqing medical insurance bureau, since December 22, chongqing public medical institutions, medical consumables to cancel the bonus rate to zero sales, and synchronous adjustment of a batch of medical service prices. Price adjustment scheme is the overall goal of the reform and achieve a cancellation, time, series, three implementation, namely comprehensive medical consumables addition to cancel the public medical institution; Increase of surgery treatment of medical service prices, such as; With the guidance of medical service prices contradiction and high value medical consumables concentration belt), procurement, advance payment according to the disease diagnosis related group pilot reform; Public medical institution development sustainable, affordable medical insurance fund, the overall don't increase burden. This means that in chongqing, 22, a public medical institutions, medical consumables purchase price shall prevail. Chongqing city health bureau relevant controller introduces, the public medical institutions in chongqing bonus to cancel the medical consumables and reduce the income, the class by adjusting the surgery medical service prices to compensate. At the same time, involving the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and pediatrics preferential price policy tilt. On some items such as related to special group, significantly higher than the price of other provinces and cities, a single absolute growth larger medical services, according to experts discussion meeting and hearing Suggestions and reference surrounding provinces and cities average prices to not move, limit, or cap price specific processing. In view of the reform and the price adjustment, chongqing will improve supporting measures, strengthen price policy and join each other health policy, supporting linkage: pay policy reform health care, will own part of the original medical service project into the scope of coverage. Expanding the scope of the drug concentration belt quantity procurement, accelerate the medical consumables concentration belt quantity purchase, continue to reduce the false high prices of drugs and medical consumables, reduce the financial burden on patients expenses. Adjusting and optimizing a serious illness insurance policy, to further increase the rural poor and incline strands personnel serious illness insurance payments.
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