Chinese medicine is for 10 dah sing upheavals

by:Celecare     2020-05-25
A big flow, millions of doctors: sharing the doctor era is coming! Doctor resources as the typical Shared economic properties, even in the vast majority of doctors trapped within the system, under the condition of knife-throwing, imparting never stopped, so they joked. Every weekend, airport a steady stream of all stripes, fly knife doctor. But according to 'look at those' know, for a long time, China's hospital, whether public or private, to high-quality doctors resources formed a deep-rooted acquisitiveness, to poach exclusive. Along with the policy for liberation, however, the doctor the arrival of the big flow, exclusive high-quality doctors resources more and more difficult, more and more impractical. Is feasible way to share high quality resources the doctor, let the doctor free practice. Doctors can practise in hospitals, but also can open a hospital, clinic. To this, the personage inside course of study says, sharing the doctor, will greatly improve the efficiency of the use of high-quality doctors resources, solve the problem of high-quality doctors resource allocation imbalance. Second, private hospitals platform era is coming! Since in order to realize sharing the doctor, private hospitals platform is the inevitable trend. According to a report in the understanding, to see their profession is free in some doctors practice of European and American countries, the relationship between hospitals and doctors and dancers like stage, the stage is a hospital, dancers are doctors, hospitals for doctors to provide practicing stage, and the doctor can in multiple stage. Unfortunately, there have a lot of the director of the private hospitals, the boss for doctors practicing, freedom is not more enthusiasm, even hostile for doctors group. A top private hospital boss, for example, on the one hand, worry more practising doctor irresponsible, something was wrong for suckers, on the other hand also worry that the doctor group in the future also do hospital, equal to cultivate competition. To this, the personage inside course of study says, public hospitals in Shanghai have to become a doctor to the practice of group and team doctor multipoint stage, some have not guess, private hospitals should have a good reflection, otherwise will miss a very good opportunity for development. Third, a large number of physicians were forced to market! According to 'see their profession', according to a well-known Shanghai 3 armour hospital of a medical specialist patients a year had fallen by a quarter. In fact, we have learned, along with the advancement of cancel the reform of drug addition, internal medicine is becoming a burden of public hospitals, a director or the truth, the physician is now look at a loss. When medicine is no longer a public hospital revenue department, the future of the physician start worrying, coupled with the innovation of hierarchical diagnosis and some tertiary hospital internal medicine will be faced with lack of patients on the one hand, on the other hand, patients come and lose money. As a result, physicians forced will have to find the way out. According to Shanghai SIMC dean yi-ran huang has to see their profession is introduced, it is with the aid of public 3 armour hospital physicians to market opportunities, attracted a group of physicians visit to the hospital, also therefore attract a group of patients with medical clinic, hospital MenZhenLiang doubled growth. In addition, the physician clinics also will be a big trend, which in turn will greatly promote the construction of the grading system of diagnosis and treatment process. Four, the Chinese medical is welcoming service experience revolution! This change is particularly important, therefore, the 'general the revolution. It is understood that some medical people don't recognize medical services, worried that the doctor is equal to the waiter. In fact, no matter how to emphasize the particularity of medical treatment, health care is provided medical services that cannot be changed. To this, one industry source, whether acknowledged medical services, is the precondition of the doctor free practice; And the truth, the Chinese medical revolution could usher in a new experience. What is the experience of revolution? As is known to all, for a long time, the Chinese doctor call doctor, people mountain people sea, public hospital patients experience difference, doctor-patient conflicts. But with the development of economy, people's income level increases, the past can do bad experience to will go down, the whole medical service upgrade in patients who experience will usher in a revolution.
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