China's large hospital 7 great reform is facing a new opportunity

by:Celecare     2020-07-15
On November 18, says health care reform is difficult, is a worldwide problem, and the reform of public hospitals is difficult in the difficult. Why is that? Estimation is the entrenched in public hospitals this tree with more interest. Nine years of reform, however, the practice proved that reform is system engineering. Only do partial clip, only in the place where easy to operation, actually not at all. So, in the process of constantly promote and deepen the reform of, we become more and more emphasis on coordination. This year's government work report, for example, clear to coordinate management system in the reform of public hospitals, medical price, personnel salary, medicine circulation, in the reform of medical insurance payment. In the reform tide, as the medical service system, which is the city big hospital how to better face the challenge, seize the opportunity, looking for accurate positioning, development? The author bring you inventory analysis: first, big hospital to implement its own revolution! 19 report pointed out that, after decades of reform and opening up, Chinese society changed, the enterprise has obtained the remarkable result, but also must be awake to see, our work also has many insufficiencies, is also facing many difficulties and challenges. Mainly: insufficient development not balanced yet to solve some of the outstanding problems the development quality and efficiency is not high, the innovation ability is not strong, the people's livelihood areas there are a lot of short board, the crowd in employment, education, health care, housing, pension faces many problems. At present, the socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era, social principal contradictions of our country has been converted to people the growing demand for a better life and the contradiction between the inadequate development of unbalance. In the field of health care and health, people's increasing needs of the good life is not only required value disease, see more good disease, more do not wish to get sick and less sick, the doctor is more comfortable and more considerate service, the government guarantee people's health, to provide basic health and health services has higher expectations. However, as a result of our medical service system has long been a consistent hierarchy, resource misallocation, huge gap between urban and rural areas, and the north-south gap, the city state is difficult to correct for a long time, big hospitals wartime medical workers struggling to cope with frequent exhausted break down from constant overwork death, the people hospital feeling poor, also lead to tension doctor-patient conflicts, frequent violence injury healing. On this problem, the city hospitals is not only the victim system, is also a contradiction maker, is complaining about the frustrations of society. Therefore, as the city big hospital should realize that in his bones in own revolutionary sense of urgency, from action to become active agents of change and practitioners, patients, also for ourselves. Second, improve service ability is the first large hospital and how to change? The author believed that the first priority is to improve service ability, focus on good disease. It is also a city of public hospital leader position and the duties given by the medical service system architecture of the decision. For a long time, our country medical service system is carried out in accordance with the level to the allocation of resources. Hospital from high to low level 3, level 2, level, the construction scale, human resources, equipment and administrative level, charge standard, hospital evaluation and so on all are arranged according to rank. To some extent, really high level hospital service ability is strong, but because insist for a long time to do so, as a result of the distance is the general common people recently, often service ability is weak, in fact also clashed with people nearby medical claims. Special need to stress is that with the improvement of people's living standard, the material is unceasingly rich, people are always in the field of medical health has a higher request, the request of the basic performance is safe, effective, second is convenient, and cheap. The needs of the natural inevitable quality is always the shortage of medical resources, also led directly to the people is always to a high level large scale hospital. This kind of system arrangement, inevitable requirement city big hospital should focus on improving the technical level, improve service ability, focus well on disease, is to build up. Three, face to face with the medical service mode transformation, for personnel deal with the deepening of the reform, the doctor free practice is the trend of The Times, and are written to the health of China's 2030 plan, the doctor group blustery, have mushroomed, the hospital also recognised by the state, clinic full liberalisation, redefinition of criminal law in the sense of the crime of illegal medical practice, social do medical scale more and more, a variety of new medical service pattern will be out of the hospital to the doctor went out of the system is given more options, as the enrichment of high-quality medical resources of urban public hospitals, must not ignore these outside the powerful force of impact, both have to face the wisdom of the new model, and to accept the new model of the mind. First of all, to change their ideas, innovative management ideas, a clever way is to give people jianping, the platform including accelerate the development of talent, talent, wisdom explore ways to establish hospital expert committee governance mechanisms, etc.
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