Chengdu will have by the end of the 19 international medical service ability of medical institutions

by:Celecare     2020-07-06
On October 23rd to boost international business environment construction, the city continuously deepen international health cooperation projects, constantly optimize the foreign medical treatment process, improving the capacity of international medical and health services, issued by the 'health of chengdu international business environment construction action plan', strive to international talent to provide more convenient medical environment. Is expected by the end of 2019, tertiary hospitals in the city of more than 69, with 19 international medical service ability of medical institutions, medical key learning (at or above the provincial level Designed) More than 290, 70% of pre-hospital emergency medical institutions directly under municipal personnel to obtain international certification first aid qualifications. Reward policy support, the internationalization of our city medical institutions to accelerate the full use of sino-foreign cooperative medical institutions in our province foreign investment proportion is 90%, and for examination and approval of sino-foreign joint venture and cooperative medical institutions delegation implementation of free trade area policy comparative advantage, actively introduce international medical service level of high-end medical institutions. Establish a diversified investment mechanism, and gradually in airport new town, huai state new town, Jane states new city layout of high quality medical resources, encourage social investment construction a sync with international medical frontier technology of internationalization of specialized subject hospital, to provide high-end international healthcare services. In addition, the centralized superior resources to foster high-end discipline, the tertiary hospitals in the city with foreign well-known medical institutions to establish cooperation center ( Institute, institute) The reward of 1 million yuan, subject construction has reached the international first-class, domestic first-class, first-class standards, respectively, in the province reward 5 million yuan, 2 million yuan, 500000 yuan. Encourage conditional active international medical institutions related to certification, each by a high level international certification reward 20 to 5 million yuan. Encourage the city medical institutions with international commercial medical insurance, each straight opened an international medical insurance to pay service and deal with actual business rewards of up to 50000 yuan. Encourage Chinese medicine services abroad, to build the key cooperation project of reward five to 200000 yuan, to promote the internationalization of our city medical institutions to speed up. From 10 countries extended to five continents international health exchange and cooperation continued to deepen to in line with international standards, the doctor training is one big key. In recent years, the city health care international exchanges and cooperation continued to deepen. Before 2015, the international communication object mainly include France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and other 10 countries, and the international cooperation has been extended to Asia, Europe, Africa and America, Oceania, five continents to participate in the number of high-end international conference also turned over nearly twice as much. With ac horsens city established long-term cooperation mechanism, signed a memorandum with Denmark VIA education (university and chengdu Health education) Training base; With the British health bureau signed the memorandum of cooperation, cooperating with GDK British medical general practitioner training project of chengdu. Deepen the municipal public hospital and the university of montpellier, France region medical center, VIA university of Denmark, Germany, asha's feinberg breast center hospital, children hospital in Toronto, Canada Richmond city hospital psychiatric hospital, McGill university, Canada, Israel Clalit health group, Australia HGT group (well-known universities, institutions, such as Enterprise) Cooperation, promote the internationalization of niche fine medical service ability to ascend. Signed with the international society for emergency management medical commission training strategic cooperation agreement of international communication, collaboration between construction of key disciplines, 11 medical institutions directly under the first focus on creating 11 key department construction. Foreign language of medical service foreigners go to a doctor does not need to worry about communication problems in the city more than two hospitals, three hospitals, the hospital, can provide foreign language, such as English, Japanese, German, medical services, foreigners go to a doctor do not need to worry about communication problems. Thanks to the our city positive artificial promotes international medical service ability of medical institution 'action plan', exploring the standards of international medical service ability. Specifically, including optimized international medical service environment, encourage conditional medical institutions provide bilingual service, in order to strengthen the management of foreign medical service personnel training, regularly or irregularly foreign language training of medical staff. Set up foreign language talent, youth volunteer service, the emergency safeguard language service, such as service involves language English, Japanese, French, etc. Encourage conditional medical institutions to explore foreign nationals membership contract service, provide hotline to make an appointment, health management, and other forms of medical services; To explore the special medical services, to provide international medical insurance payment or through intermediaries provide international medical insurance settlement services. More foreign medical service propaganda work, and constantly standardize medical identification, DaoYi services, gradually improve the expatriates chengdu medical guide, medical services to international talent know more about chengdu.
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