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Celecare professional dressing medical celecare for wound
Whether the motivations are economic, environmental, or personal, the benefits of this product will have something to offer for everyone. It has a soft touch and a breathable structure
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Company Advantages
1. Designed with different wound dressings , dressing medical can be suitable for wound supplies dressing . The product is characterized by premium flexibility
2. Whether the motivations are economic, environmental, or personal, the benefits of this product will have something to offer for everyone. It has a soft touch and a breathable structure
3. dressing medical is widely applied in the field for its properties as different wound dressings . The product is highly recommended by the doctor
4. In comparing with other similar products, dressing medical has virtues of different wound dressings . After using the product, the patient will have improved health
5. The scope of usage of dressing medical have been enlarged gradually due to its different wound dressings properties. The product proves to be skin-friendly

Company Features
1. Celecare Medical Wenzhou Co., Ltd. is a dressing medical company, which combines design, development, manufacture and sales. foam wound dressing is produced with high efficiency thanks to Celecare Medical Wenzhou Co., Ltd. 's high level technology.
2. Up until now, Celecare Medical Wenzhou Co., Ltd. has possessed an outstanding systematic ability to develop new wound dressing supplies products.
3. Celecare Medical Wenzhou Co., Ltd. possesses advanced mechanical equipment. Celecare Medical Supplies serves customers, understands your needs and try our best to satisfy your requirements. Check now!



 Instructions for foam pressure ulcer dressing(self-adhesive)

▶ First clean the wound around the skin, try to remove the dead skin surrounding the wound, and the helper should clean their hands to prevent extraneous bacterial infection.

When using it, please take the foam pad side towards the wound, gradually tear the release paper, adjust the wound site to stick, and then continue to peel half of the release paper until the dressing is pasted completely and smoothly on the wound.

▶ It is a normal phenomenon that the dressing becomes swelled and white after absorption and swell. If any leakage, please immediately replace the dressing.


 Foam pressure ulcer dressing(non-self-adhesive)

Non-self-adhesive foam dressing is required to fit with sterile gauze and bandage when used;

▶ Non-self-adhesive foam dressing is not waterproof, and the sore condition is unable to be observed in time due to isolation from gauze.

▶ This product can be used and fixed under a nurse's guidance.


Ultra-thin hydrocolloid dressing

Application scope: for the surface of the sore and wound with no obvious exudate

▶ Function: absorb little exudate, keep the sore and wound moist, promote granulation growth

▶ Instructions: refer to hydrocolloid foam dressing


Product specifications

Product namefoam pressure ulcerdressing from Celecare
Product brandCelecare
Product modelB0808PU
Product specificationB0808PU(12.5×12.5cm, dressing 8×8cm)
Product feature3-D foamed polymer material(it is good to absorb secreta, and does not paste up the wound), PU material is good for adhesion, fitting the skin well.
Application scopeall kinds of high permeable wounds,Ⅱ-Ⅳbed sores, wound of donor site and scratch, etc.
Storage conditionat relative humidity of not more than 80%, in a dry, cool, clean and well ventilated environment without corrosive substance.
Notefollow a doctor's advice when using it, do not arbitrarily discard this product after use, dispose harmlessly it as possible as you can.

Product features

Easy to observe the exudate absorption for timely replacement of the dressing

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