Assessment of the public health service began to grassroots doctors quickly check list the 9 items

by:Celecare     2020-07-13
To begin on September 17, recently, a number of places in the first half of 2019 the national basic public health service work situation assessment. In public health work, grassroots doctors often meet difficulties of this or that, and some things to do, they think very satisfied, but always yield to the evaluation of the above and many marks, the question is often out on the small details. Here the author will review should pay attention to the details of the summary for the following 9 points, to help people less points: 1, contact the authenticity of the patient's telephone retained must be accurate. As long as we do, we must use telephone to write clear, cannot write carelessly. I am older, some patients will write his young people's phone call, and tell him your work content. Or end up with a phone to verify one thousand was not aware of each other's loved ones, will be that you are a fraud, in vain. 2, follow-up was dissatisfied with the drug intervention should be taken to slow disease and life coaching when doing all kinds of slow disease follow-up, if the first control are not satisfied, then we have to do the second follow-up after half a month, two consecutive not satisfied, we will write a clear suggestion in the note column transfer treatment, write clear to any department. Do not increase the second follow-up and advice to courtyard, this hidden killer is allowed. Follow-up of patients with mental disorders, we must pay special attention to distinguish the risk factors that he belongs to a few class, cannot fill level zero risk factors and the life cannot provide for oneself, to fill in the corresponding risk factors, as well as the ability to care for. 3, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine physique discerniblile distinguish rate in the constitution of traditional Chinese medicine identification, we must pay attention to control it in a physical, can't appear at the same time two or more than two physique, otherwise considered not qualified. More than 4, the accuracy of the table data contrast in terms of the elderly physical examination, we made the filling, such as high blood pressure to tailor weight etc. , biochemical and imaging didn't do, don't fill carelessly. 5, image data upload in precise signing for poverty alleviation, we would like to fill in the data to the healthy sign manual, and record the good time to call, but also leave a video and upload the provincial public health network, does not leave record data service only. 6, to ensure the authenticity of slow disease follow-up data now health examination means more and more intelligent, false information place less and less, as two card system in anhui province, has been largely eluded frauds. Therefore, everybody to want to ensure the authenticity of slow disease follow-up. (1) follow-up record if it weren't true, it is easy to cause follow-up record data is not logical. 1 for example, in the first quarter height. 7 meters, weight 70 kilograms, the second quarter may fill into 1. 8 meters, weight 65 kg. Or an adult if the increase or reduce weight more than ten kilograms, illustrate the human body is generally appeared some condition, if you are in control of the column to fill into control, that is obviously not true. Itself (2) patients suffering from high blood pressure or some chronic diseases, and drug column fill not the medicine, but in accordance with the doctor's advice column and fill in according to the medical behavior is good, this is not a contradiction? Will lose points for are weak. (3) of the specifications of the various drugs dosage can not write, such as some hypertensive patients taking nifedipine zyban, 20 milligrams at a time, and we can't fill in 2. 5 mg, diabetic patients taking metformin gung 125 or 250 milligrams at a time, but can't write 5 or 10 mg, etc. 7, maternal prenatal and postpartum visit maternal management aspect is also easy to lose points, the prenatal and postnatal visits must resort to date and image information, it is more persuasive, in terms of children's vaccination, to timely update should be a kind of roster, so as to find and notification in advance. 8, death report timeliness and accuracy of death report also cannot careless, especially to the specific time of death and disease must be accurate, because we provide the data is to make a big family planning and the public security system and data comparison, if there is any error will be repeatedly, until the synchronization. 9, report writing clean for all kinds of form to fill out, clean and neat, to ensure that the page can't brutalizes disorderly change, poor handwriting. Page is not the whole of the form to supervise people the first impression is your perfunctory, work attitude is not correct. Anyhow, want to do a good health, be about to crude and refined, as long as we take will do well. Evaluation is a means of checking and supervising our, penalty is not the real goal, it is to oversee the practical in our work at ordinary times.
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