Army recently two hospitals responsible for treating all put into use

by:Celecare     2020-05-24
By the military, undertake the task confirmed new crown pneumonia in patients with medical treatment, with reference to two hospitals in wuhan vulcan hill hospital operation mode all 19 in operation. At present, hubei maternal and child health care optical valley campus began treated patients, taikang tongji hospital in wuhan city has 860 beds. Approved by the central military commission President xi jinping, the army has more 2600 medical workers available to support the wuhan new champions league against pneumonia outbreak, with reference to the wuhan vulcan hill hospital operating mode, bear the taikang tongji hospital in wuhan city, hubei province maternity and child care optical valley campus new crown pneumonia confirmed patients medical treatment. Reinforce the staff through the air and rail transportation, has arrived in wuhan and 17 all work. Army to fight the new hubei crown pneumonia outbreak of medical staff reached more than 4000 people. Taikang tongji hospital in wuhan city and hubei maternal and child health care optical valley campus is both in construction state of the hospital, has not yet been put into operation before modification. Army medical team arrived, hubei on February 13 and 17, respectively in two hospitals, the command start docking, improve the treatment system at all levels, transformation and planning special treatment ward, adjust the perfect treatment plan, and new crown pneumonia diagnosed patients treated with the quickest speed. Taikang WeiJianWei in wuhan, wuhan tongji hospital plans to open 860 beds, started receiving patients since February 15. Hubei maternal and child health care optical valley campus plans to open 700 beds, since February 19 begin to receive patients. After the outbreak, according to the unified arrangement in wuhan city, taikang tongji hospital in wuhan city was transformed into square cabinet hospital outpatient service building, has treated 143 patients with mild. Army medical team hubei new force arrived, in order to treat patients as soon as possible, on the one hand, stepped up efforts to transform the original ward, received on 14th, 143 patients with mild confirmed. Hubei maternal and child health care optical valley campus infection, according to a division director Zeng Li optical valley campus each room is equipped with 3 beds, equipped with the breathing machine, ecg monitor, infusion pumps, such as medical equipment, with independent bathroom, hospital also prepared toiletries for per patient quilts and pillows. As soon as possible in order to unify the process specification, improve the scientific quality, making medical teams in campus for infection control protection training examination, part of the medical team also to vulcan hill hospital training for medical information system use. As of 19 February 17, 860 taikang tongji hospital beds has begun; Hubei maternal and child health care optical valley campus area and area of infection has admitted conditions, can be treated, 84, 20 patients with severe ordinary patients.
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