Anhui: administrative service acceleration power health career development

by:Celecare     2020-05-21
On November 11, the application materials big time to reduce, the thin body, online business is not running errands the reporter learns from WeiJianWei in anhui province, the province's health committee from the service item standardization construction, the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, administrative examination and approval process optimization to realize the government affairs service network, a door, a handle, minimize the number of the relevant medical enterprises and the masses to run the government. Anhui WeiJianWei relevant controller introduces, the so-called free net phone do to save power at the corresponding level listing all the administrative power, public services, procedures for all other items included in the provincial government service platform, registered doctors, registered nurses, medical institutions registration changes check implement online declaration, online examination, online. On this basis, the province was founded at the corresponding level for examination and approval, to the provincial government affairs service center, a government service a door handle. Provincial power at the corresponding level listing all the administrative power, public services, other matters 100% into the provincial government affairs service center, and the front desk for examination and approval of acceptance, the classification of the background, the window out of a working mode, the examination and approval of the establishment of medical institutions from legal 30 workdays compression to 12 working days, by the legal time limit for the registration of practice of a medical institution 45 workdays compression to 15 working days, physician practice registration from within a time limit for a namely, legal 20 working days by compression to advise on the spot. Thought to register formalities so simple, a lot of material need not oneself also print! Huaibei nurse xiao xu said happily. Reporters learned that in accordance with national requirements, the anhui province WeiJianWei will nurse practice registration authority by provincial health department sent to, the health administrative departments at the county level, the level of district-constituted municipalities should realize hierarchical registration, the nurse for practice registration audit table, nurses for change registration audit table and nurses continue registration audit table executes three table one, you can query or registration by the national nurse practicing information system through information sharing information with other departments, the applicant is no longer available. Nurse registration matters in all provinces, municipalities and the county government e-government service hall, into the provincial, city and county government service platform to handle, time limit for examination and approval of the statutory 20 working days compression to 12 working days, on the basis of further compressed to 1 working day, accept on the spot, on the spot; Full implementation of the nurse electronic registration at the same time, realize office, immediately, nearby office, a run on the net. According to introducing, anhui WeiJianWei strive to speed up e-government service, currently all the administrative power, public services and other matters to run a, is an exception for many times, most advance does not meet the examination and approval, the capacity lack of acceptance capacity, deficiency in the application materials and certificates express delivery service, the implementation of the reduction for the convenience of the reform, strict implementation of eight cancelling, a total of 351 items to cancel the application materials, the application materials item 55 cleaning ratio. 89%.
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