Anhui 422 diseases will press disease to pay

by:Celecare     2020-06-24
On November 26, the reporter learns from medical insurance bureau in anhui province, anhui province recently issued the press disease group pay of insurance of primary medical treatment guidelines in anhui province ( Trial) ', fully implementing the basic health care is given priority to with grouping press disease to pay the payment. Now released the first batch of 422 diseases and mode of payment, since January 1, 2020, urban and rural residents health ginseng to keep the masses in the provincial 18 hospital, will have a unified payment standard. According to introducing, the first batch of 422 diseases covers the common diseases such as diabetes, cataracts, pneumonia, cholecystitis and part of the major diseases such as cancer, leukemia, medicare pays by the quota, pay scale range from 40% to 70%. Such as surgical treatment of cataract after unilateral, urban and rural residents pay 60% patients, urban and rural residents health care payment quota of 2600 yuan. Surgical treatment of cholecystitis, gallstones, gallbladder polyps, patients pay 60%, urban and rural residents of urban and rural residents medical insurance payment quota of 5200 yuan. According to introducing, each as a whole the area of urban and rural residents medical insurance ginseng protect the provincial 18 in the public medical institutions for medical treatment, unified according to the published 422 diseases and medical insurance payment standard. Municipal health bureau, according to the release of disease combined with local actual, determine the payment standard of medical institutions within their respective jurisdictions diseases and pay scale. Same disease payment standard, provincial medical institutions shall not be higher than the city medical institutions. As a whole the area ( Including made) Choose some diseases in the province unified diseases, diseases group is carried out in urban employee basic medical insurance payment management. Medical insurance bureau relevant responsible person, in anhui province since 2020, the anhui province health department will also gradually increase the disease group, and through the efforts of one to three years, for urban and rural residents basic medical insurance hospital press disease group paid to cover about 90% of the diseases, hospitalization press disease group pay settlement rate is about 80%. Gradually expand the basic medical insurance for urban employees press disease group paid disease group, increase the rate of grouping press disease to pay settlement.
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