Agent notice that hospital announced consumption accounted for the new rule

by:Celecare     2020-06-06
September 5 new regulation, all public hospital consumption accounted for must be controlled to within 20%. Public medical institutions in the city, consumption accounted for must be below 20%, zhuhai municipal people's government in response to a national call to further reduce the medical consumables inflated prices, issued by the zhuhai public medical institution medical consumables centralized purchasing work plan. Scheme in addition to show that to carry out the centralized purchasing, the key is put forward: in accordance with national requirements, to the city's public medical institution medical income one hundred yuan, Excluding drug income) Of health material consumption has dropped below $20. It is important to note that this is the second half of 2019, the first put forward to reduce consumption of the city! Promulgated by the State Council is in high value medical consumables management, specifically: first public medical institutions in the city of consumption must be below 20% of the city! Not only that, the implementation of the scheme shows that reduce the consumption of range from the city's public medical institutions, to encourage private medical institutions to participate in. It is not hard to see, in 2017 and 2018, the provinces, each big vigorous public hospitals to rein consumption proportion is still continued. But in the short downtime limit to use one size fits all, become a public hospital in control cost indicators for a long time! Before the pearl city, in the first half of 2019 has a number of provinces and municipalities specifically to rein in public hospitals accounted for, and even tied directly with the President of the public hospital performance! Consumption accounted for more than 20% points directly, and the financial reward performance a few months ago, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, in order to cancel the consumables addition, conforms to the national material price trend, carried out of the 22 OuZhi, all cities and counties to participate in the public hospital reform of public medical institution for examination and assessment, evaluation results directly linked to allocate financial bonuses. It is important to note that the evaluation of 100 points out, two files instead of traditional Chinese medicine monitoring that an examination proportion accounted for all the highest: OuZhi public hospitals ( Maximum 55 points) , cities and counties in public hospitals ( 20 points) 。 Which consumption accounted for ( The consumption of one hundred yuan of medical income in health materials) Up to 5 points, and consumption accounts for no more than 20%, more than part of the higher proportion of points, buckle up! When rein consumption accounted for more than directly with public hospital financial allocation, guangxi autonomous region public hospital consumables accused of exertion of the next big figures! Consumption accounted for more than 20%, 3 armour hospital comprehensive rectification, April 12, 2019, the second people's hospital of yibin city released the second people's hospital of yibin city party committee about the inspector rectification progress of bulletin. One of the most notable is that the rectification matters in a pointed out that the second people's hospital of yibin city consumable materials ratio control is not strict,, 1, 2018 to October 2017, the hospital consumables is 33. 27% and 31. 57%, who did not reach the original countries planning commission proposed by the end of 2017, the city consumption accounts for public hospital reform required than controlled within 20%. Therefore, the second people's hospital of yibin city took a lot of measures to improvement. Stop using consumable reagents, quantitative assessment of responsibility to the people, distribution concentrated to a second people's hospital of yibin city distribution enterprise rein consumption accounted for the rectification of completely was conducted in-depth comprehensive multidisciplinary! Medical consumables management storm! Rein consumption accounted for continued until 2020, national public medical institutions across the country will cancel all consumables bonus. But so far, more than 20 provinces and cities have all fall to the ground. With cancel consumables bonus to the ground, originally can bring to the hospital - 5% of the revenue 10% bonus to stimulate the hospital continuously raise the price consumables profit space, control consumption accounted for, the implementation of the control consumable purchase prices began to busy! And the State Council issued a formal scheme, clear governance high-value consumables. From the source, quantity procurement to reduce material artificially high prices have accelerated fall to the ground; Followed by hospital consumables used controls. Plus the DRGS payment reform, public hospital of active control, strict controls consumption accounted more intense, consumable price will also be more frequent. Or more of the impact of this to the supplier, the price and the market can only choose one, the game of hospitals and suppliers, the initiative is more in the hands of the hospital. Reduction is a trend also survive.
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