Abuse of consumables will upgrade into blacklist hospital high-value consumables system faces!

by:Celecare     2020-05-16
On August 20, following the credit blacklist, medical high-value consumable materials will also be a blacklist, upgrading hospital high-value consumables system reform has become inevitable trend! Medical high-value consumables will abuse into the blacklist reform, how to change? At present policy mainly around the high value medical consumables prices artificially high, excessive use of outstanding problems, such as ShuDu simultaneously, 3 d linkage, comprehensive ShiCe, major reforms focusing on promoting the price cut, prevent abuse, strict regulation and development four aspects. To prevent the abuse of high value medical consumables, strict controls of unreasonable use, set up a blacklist system. Regulate the behavior of medical service, strict controls of unreasonable use. To carry out the medical and health industry management responsibility, improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment norms and guidance, strengthen the operation and management, to establish hospital access selection, reviews and abnormal use of early warning mechanism, etc. In order to strengthen the management of the medical establishment that decide a dot behavior, perfect this intelligent audit system, set up a blacklist system. At the same time, also will improve the supervision and management mechanism, investigate violation behavior. Perfect quality management, register for examination and approval strictly, establishing traceability system and product quality responsibility system for life. To carry out the evaluation and recall system, strengthening the management of circulation and set up distribution selection mechanism, encourage the two votes. After implementing the blacklist system, medical institutions must management of medical high-value consumable materials as required, if any violation, will be on the blacklist, it will cause serious influence to medical institutions. The hospital to deal with the medical reform, high-value consumables management system upgrade first. The shortage of the current management of medical high-value consumable materials system at present, because there are many different kinds of medical high-value consumables, every day need a lot of classifying drugs and medical screening, such as repetitive work. Also can't timely neat is put medical high-value consumables, considered the imagination is particularly acute. Even if has a management equipment, also only have the function of a simple storage, the hospital HIS system with the HRP system still exist physical partition, coupled with the lack of the whole process of management information tools, hospital managers are difficult to grasp the truth of medical consumables in clinical use, which is difficult to achieve the fine management of medical consumables full cycle. Under the background of the current reform of public hospital consumables, hospitals urgently need a material supply chain management and clinical use of management, the integration of monitoring and early warning, associated with, for the effective integration of management system. High-value consumables management system, intelligent power hospital consumables management reform high-value consumables management system, it is designed to help hospital to realize rooted in high-value consumables management standardization, informationization, automation, not only is the trend of hospital high-value consumables system of fine management, also is the necessary way of the future progress of hospital to wisdom.
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