A group of doctors group exposure of slow development of several factors

by:Celecare     2020-06-10
On October 16, the doctor group and starting from the earliest so far, has gone through five years. At present most of the normal operation of the doctor group, annual revenue is below. Annual revenue in the do level, according to the daily visits to understand medical's capital, generally less than 20%, more than fifty million, even a handful. From now, the doctor group develops slowly, general no more than several factors: the doctor is not really free practice ( Here is not only refers to the external environment, but also including the doctor's idea) , the doctor group development is limited by the number of doctors can more practice; The doctor group, lack of management talent, especially management staff have market concept; The doctor group are widespread for guest problem of different level. Last one reason, is one of the important factors that restrict the doctor group development. In our daily visits to the doctor group as the core of the medical service enterprise, even if is the medical service enterprise, but anyone who has been a steady rise in operating, profits is higher than the industry average. If you see the financial statements, eliminate drugs and high-value consumables and other factors, the most attractive bright spot is below the industry average cost of a guest. And these companies for the guest, roughly as follows: to individuality and awareness to carry out the economic benefit from the doctor web celebrity fans or doctor ranking the doctor group, mainly for the guest from his fans. The brand image is often based on WeChat, weibo, a good doctor, such as micro medical websites, including the experts or professors who have certain academic status in the industry. These bring customers because of fame, loyalty, recognition including turn ratios are relatively high, all of these factors to reduce the cost for the guest. This model in the field of pediatric special see more, a lot of knowledge of pediatric web celebrity, have set up their own offline clinics, e-commerce business, online business, the main revenue comes from his fans. Cooperation with public hospitals to bring customers the doctor group operating common practices is cooperating with public hospitals, for referral or co-construction and consulting business. But from the capital point of view, the doctor group cooperation with public hospitals usually unsustainable, five-year contract often stopped for three years or so, include hospital personnel changes among them, will exist various uncertain risks to the development of business in the future. , of course, the advantages of cooperation with public hospitals is obvious, a steady stream of pathogenic, infrastructure complete, piled up brand sex is precisely, the public hospital exists strong credibility, etc. So how to patients to own real user members, provide health services for a long time, this is the partner urgent issue to consider. There are also some differentiation innovation of medical services and business enterprise, in cooperation and public hospitals, patients received a steady stream of resources, and can according to their own department features, to provide value-added services to patients, these business often with complementary and promote public hospital of medical services. Even if one day to stop the cooperation with the hospital, but has a patient to his members, has produced a value-added. Different industry cooperation with customer different industry cooperation resource requirements for medical service enterprise, is relatively high. But once has the vision of the mature industry cooperation resources, can bring a steady stream of customer cooperation, first bank, commercial insurance, finance which itself has higher health needs of corporate customers, and have a certain consumption ability. Other large enterprises and government agencies, staff need to organize a medical every year, even can offer some health benefits paid to employees, the stability of the business is also a good source of income. But these medical service enterprise, also faces the customer conversion problem, accumulate user pool for oneself, and help enterprises to form positive industries constitute the brand reputation of promote each other. To sum up, in the future marketization of medical services market, the customer can be acquired at a low cost, and the enterprise can have the chance to repeat consumption, will be on business with larger development capabilities, and this is already in some niche had obvious reflected, and form the head effect. User pool structure, like fish, can make the sea king health service enterprise, is the future of the unicorn.
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