33 medical institutions in liaoning, China resources group's health

by:Celecare     2020-07-02
On September 5, 33 hospitals, CRC's income. ▍ has a number of hospitals, crown China resources department recently, the health industry group in liaoning province official WeChat public platform release information, sasac and CRC health group in liaoning province of liaoning province health industry group strategic restructuring agreement signing ceremony was held. Officials said the health industry group in liaoning province ( Hereinafter referred to as the liao jian group) Strategic enough with the CRC health industry group, will realize the depth of the two group, China resources will take liao jian group as the important development platform, combined with increase in medical and characteristic specialized subject of investment and resources tilt, in system mechanism, management, operation, medical, perfect the industry chain and value chain formed complementary advantages and resource sharing. Public information, liao jian group is approved by the liaoning provincial party committee, provincial government established provincial state-owned enterprise group, the provincial sasac direct supervision and leadership. Group was founded on July 27, 2018, the registered, belongs to the medical institutions a total of 33, in shenyang, fushun, benxi, fuxin, liaoning five cities, including 3 armour hospital 4, respectively on general hospital, benxi steel general hospital and general hospital, general hospital, tiefa coal industry group, fukang, another one in tertiary hospital, secondary hospital 10, 18 primary hospital. Staff of more than 9800 people, more than 9400 beds, MenZhenLiang about 10000 people, with cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, orthopaedic 10 provincial key specialty, such as operating income 27, 2017. 500 million yuan. Liao jian group on the surface of the liaoning provincial enterprise group diversification reform, but from another point of view, because it is the only company in the integration of all provincial state-owned enterprises on the basis of medical institutions in the province to build a platform for the provincial health industry, and China resources reorganization, said the group's 33 hospitals are classified as China resources, accelerate the process of China resources into the medical market in liaoning province. ▍ CRC health, triumphantly buy CRC health hospital, according to the website on September 13, 2017, China resources medical group officially changed its name to China resources health group co. , LTD. , as China resources group, and the investment and profit center specializes in hospital operation management, is the future emphasis of China resources group with a core of medical health service industry platform. CRC health owns a total of 117 medical institutions, the actual open data more than 15000 copies, is the first large huarun medical holdings co. , LTD. In 2009, 'the central committee of the communist party of China, the State Council's opinions on we will deepen reform of the medical and health system clear: national public hospital restructuring guidance, should actively guide the social capital in a variety of ways to participate in some public hospitals, including state-owned enterprises run by the hospital restructuring. Since then, the hospital restructuring state-owned enterprises become the focus of the attention, the CRC health became one of the most widely participate in the restructuring and deepest medical giants. One of the most compelling case for the 2016 - on the road of CRC is fit with the phoenix - - - - - - The agreement the phoenix medical will be through to the China resources ( Now the CRC health) By means of listed company shares issued for consideration for the acquisition, total 4. 6. 3 billion shares, the transaction amount is about hk $37. 200 million yuan. Transaction is completed, the CRC health ( Now the CRC health) Be the first big shareholders phoenix medical, the company changed its name to China resources of the phoenix. It is reported that phoenix medical is the oldest and the most large-scale domestic development of civilian battalion hospital group, in the investment management of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region with 60 medical institutions, including three 6 tertiary hospitals, secondary hospitals, nine class hospital and 42 community medical institutions, always open about 5780 beds. ▍ success or failure, in the supply chain, according to data in the past hundreds of restructuring and reorganization of state-owned hospitals and social capital to complete the goal, in addition to CRC phoenix, hainan sea medicine for 3. 400 million cases such as holding EGang hospital has caused widespread concern. But after the acquisition, there are many group refuses to accept the status quo of soil and water conservation. On August 30, China resources medical ( The original CRC phoenix) Mid release karma, as of June 30, 2019, the company revenues of RMB 9. 6. 5 billion yuan, rose 5. 3%; In the first half of each business division profits around RMB 2. 900 million yuan, down 2 from the same period a year earlier. 3%. Have the personage inside course of study of the first finance and economics, said: China resources acquired over the years so many hospitals, but have not yet formed its resource advantage, the real advantage resources or in public hospitals. Part of the reason is that the agreement with YanHua hospital supply chain termination. Previously, China resources phoenix has signed an agreement with YanHua hospital - - - - - - - Beijing phoenix will provide red would like to coordinate YanHua hospital drug supply chain management services, hospitals and health palace Beijing coal hospital drug supply, red hui should pay service charge a CRC phoenix medical supply chain service fee income. But in February 2018, YanHua hospital agreement unilaterally declared to stop the supply chain, China resources phoenix shares fell, wiping out nearly billion - - - - - - - Therefore, hospital reform in state-owned enterprises, the success or failure in the supply chain. This model also can cause changes to the current medical market. Medical group and drug companies to participate in hospital reform in state-owned enterprises, seeing the reform of hospital is a long-term drug ( Medical apparatus and instruments) Supply chain layout, such as drugs, medical devices can be provided by the designated supplier of unity to the group of medical institutions, small and medium-sized dealers that is bound to compress the original market space. Such as with the penetration of the liao jian group and China resources business, the supply chain mode or can be used widely in liaoning province, so relevant to prepare for small and medium-sized distributors to the.
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