18. 700 million! 30 hospitals were acquired

by:Celecare     2020-07-18
On January 13, the stronger the strong situation, performed 18 in the pharmaceutical industry. 700 million! 30 hospitals were acquired recently, love announcement of ophthalmology, with 18. 700 million yuan to buy five underlying assets, for the tianjin covering letter, Mr Reid depending on the light, xuancheng eye hospital, wanzhou love red, etc. A total of 30 eye hospital. Offer further clear, the company intends to issue shares to buy the tianjin covering letter for a 100% stake, by issuing shares and pay cash for Mr Reid optical 100% equity and 80% stake in xuancheng eye hospital, by way of issuing shares to buy wanzhou love Switzerland 90% stake with open state 90% stake. Anyway, love's eye will buy big probability of success, because it has great power to push the process: the company said, raising matching funds does not affect the success and pay cash purchase of assets through issuing shares by the implementation of the trading behavior, if the amount of raising matching funds inadequacy, and even raise failure, the company will with their own money or use the debt financing such as bank loans. According to introducing, the underlying root hospital mainly three or four line city, good growth, has started to take off, after completion of the transaction, love's eye will be fully energized, little giant around the booster for the hospital development. The industry view, the proposed hospital most rooted in three or four line city of relatively limited medical resources, occupy the head dominant position in the local brand and good reputation, is expected to further consolidate the company municipal hospital layout and the group's internal hierarchical diagnosis system construction. Love, ophthalmology chairman Chen Bang, said the proposed 30 eye hospital is an extension of the company's main business, is conducive to further expand the scale of the talent team and business. To improve the accessibility of the grass-roots medical treatment, To realize own business cooperation, promote companies grasp industry development opportunities and accelerate the industry consolidation; Also to speed up the pace of the company's national network construction, strengthen the interaction of regional hospital to provide solid foundation for company development, consolidate the industry leading position. Net profit is estimated to increase by 1. Love's eye the third quarter of 2019 to 300 million, according to its operating income reached 77. 3. 2 billion yuan, rose 26. 25%, net profit is 13. 0. 5 billion yuan, an increase of 36. 9%. According to purchase calculation, the love, the eye of the five mark in the 2019 years ago, three quarters of revenue reached 8. 5. 3 billion yuan, accounting for the love's eye at the same time operating income of 11. 03%, the total net profit in the third quarter to 1 2019 years ago. 1. 6 billion yuan, accounting for the love, eye net profit over the same 8. 89%. 30 hospitals have securities analysis, acquisition of the total consideration about 18. 700 million yuan, the corresponding average valuation of about 14 times in 2020, is expected to bring to the company in 2020 net profit contribution to new one. 300 million yuan. In addition to the acquisition of beings pharmaceutical holdings of Mr Reid as a 100% stake in the light, acquired the rest 29 hospitals were kept certain minority stakes. Basic has a minority stake in the core doctors and hospital administrators holdings, which is beneficial to continue to mobilize their enthusiasm, partner management pattern will continue to maintain good growth momentum. According to understand, love, eye currently has more than 400 medical institutions in mainland China, Hong Kong, China, with seven, 1, 85, the United States medical institutions in Europe. At the same time, the company completed on December 20, 2019 to buy Singapore ISEC Healthcare company, the company in south-east Asia to increase 11 medical institutions. Increase of concentration of social do medical, eye surgery broad market in our country, in addition, the Chinese high school students and college students myopia rate has exceeded 70%, the top of the world, compared to 22% of the world's myopia rate, myopic patients as much as 47% of the population in our country. As the change of people habits with the eye, eye disease incidence is rising, to protect eye, eye disease diagnosis and treatment of demand will continue to increase, the eye hospital in our country in the future the demand of the market is expected to continue to rise. In addition, in the 2019 version of the health of the key tasks, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment has obvious formed a perfect system of policy framework. To encourage the development of civilian battalion hospital and public hospitals at the grass-roots level, using the Internet + gripper, with the aim of couplet of medical as a hierarchical diagnosis: the requirement, encourage private hospitals, continue to deepen reform of the pipes in the field of health health service and optimize the approval service, clear discriminatory policy, to social do medical institutions equally treated and to give support. Handle in the about print and distribute to promote social and medical notice the opinions of the healthy and standardizing development continues, many aspects put forward the measures to promote the development of social do medical. Put forward opinions, amount and scale and control public hospitals, mainly do medical leave space for the society and the opinion is put forward to guide social forces for rehabilitation, nursing, medical, ophthalmology, children's hospital and other medical institutions, and chaining, collectivize operation of medical test, pathological diagnosis, imaging center, hemodialysis center independent setting of medical institutions. To some extent, social do medical 'in participating in specialization, chaining medical institutions. Results significant at present, our country private eye hospital risen from 2003 in 72 to 2018 in 709, increased by 9. 85 times, highlights on the degree of encourage social do medical in China.
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