100 orthopaedic machinery enterprise DaPaiXing natong, minimally invasive, Johnson & Johnson. 。 。

by:Celecare     2020-07-18
On August 27, would-be, broke into the global top 12 domestic orthopedic machinery companies. Global top, many Chinese companies landing recently, ipads about - Orthopaedic big data statistics for last year's global orthopaedic machinery enterprise revenue situation, announced the list of top 100 enterprises, there are 12 shortlisted for the Chinese enterprises. Rankings: the enterprise own brand of orthopaedic industrial and commercial total revenue data is given priority to, considering a large share of overseas companies for marketing mode, so different from the domestic ranks only industrial production statistics, global ranking in industrial and commercial sales revenue. From the list view, roughly divided into three levels: the first group is a delegate with Johnson's $3 billion more than the traditional five giant, nearly $30 billion of total revenue accounted for the whole industry $51. 2 billion 58% of the market; The second group for more than $200 million in 22 subdivision industry leader to $11. 4 billion to occupy 22% of market share; The third group for more than $20 million of 73 small giant enterprise with regional influence to $5 billion to occupy 10% of market share; Overall, the top enterprise overall by the scale of the more than $460 up 90% of the whole industry's market share, the rest nearly thousand small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up companies to share the rest of the 10%. The first group, the big five revenue unit $after the acquisition of Cindy, Johnson in the industry for the first position for a long time, although slight contraction in recent years, but still with $8. 8 billion revenue orthopaedic top on top of the throne, trauma products to more than 40% of market share ahead of their peers; Five big giant, in recent years, the common characteristic is in developing the orthopaedic robot business, respectively, for at least more than one industry's leading independent robot company. It can be seen that the future intelligent and accurate minimally invasive is obvious industry trends. The second group, subdivision industry leader, focus on a niche business enterprise the biggest characteristic is almost the level. Basically are the top three segment of industry leading enterprises, such as Arthrex is the boss of sports medicine, NuVasive is the largest independent spine enterprise, ahead of the Wright brothers products and so on. The third group: more than $20 million little giant roughly divided into three categories: the levels of enterprises of the first kind is the innovation enterprise, the innovation products play in a feature; The second category is Europe, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries, in their own country or a certain area has a certain influence; The third kind is the emerging countries represented by China's power, is basically a comprehensive product line is given priority to, the full development of high-speed growth. Domestic import substitution become the main trend at present, our country the orthopaedic implant class medical consumables market scale increased year by year. Thanks to China's huge population base, the social aging process accelerates and rising medical needs. On the overall environment, keep on advancing medical high-value consumables industry, import substitution become main trend. Relevant data show that in the future the orthopaedic implant industry will maintain its growth at 20%, is expected to 747 by 2023. 9. 6 billion dollars, it shows that China's enormous development space and investment opportunities in the sector. As you can see, the orthopaedic market will have a huge space for development. Spinal class YiXie today, is the largest segment orthopedic medical devices can be divided into different kinds according to treating diseases trauma instrument, spinal joint class equipment, instruments and other. Among them, the class orthopaedic trauma medical equipment has been the orthopedic medical devices in China's largest market segment; Spinal class class huge market scale, though less trauma, but it is the fastest growing market. For orthopedic medical equipment industry in China feel encouraged to support policy, and in such aspects as raw materials, technology, market demand for orthopaedic promote the development of medical devices. The National Development and Reform Commission has announced the 'catalog for the guidance of strategic emerging industries focus on products and services, a clear artificial joints such as the hip/knee/shoulder prosthesis, bone induction of artificial bone, artificial bone/metal bone fixation materials, artificial intervertebral disc and bone implant materials for strategic emerging industry key products. In a variety of factors, driven by orthopedic medical equipment market capacity in China is growing trends. Director of China's pharmaceutical industry information center consulting has said publicly that the future medical equipment industry development will present a five features: one is China will become the center of the world's leading manufacturers of medical apparatus and instruments; The second is the size of the market will remain more than 20% of the high speed growth; Three is speeding up, the domestic equipment import substitution process industry concentration of ascension; Four is industry gradually towards standardization; Five is big data platform and intelligent devices will promote the equipment service industry develops rapidly, creating new sources of growth.
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